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Below are answers to the popular questions we are often asked. If you cannot find the answer here, Please send us an email
AHM sources all its ingredients from reputable suppliers who care about the environment and therefore take responsibility in ensuring that the food they produce; (i) has good nutrition (ii) its organic and (ii) is produced sustainably. To date we have used products from farmers located in Uganda, Africa and the Rest of the World.
Plans are in place to do so in the near future. We continue to liaise with potential supermarket distributors about opening up supply channels. Whilst ensuring that any decision to do so will be underpinned by the need to protect our product authenticity.
Yes! Each of us normally has a bowl of aunty-mo cereals before starting our day jobs. It's the one way we get our energy levels maintained throughout the busy schedules.
See the contact us section of this website.
In an age where we are all getting more and more conscious about the food we eat; we are increasingly going to great length to find the best food in order to satisfy our nutritional requirements. It's only fair to share our findings with everyone. Hope that helps you save time from searching around for some of the so called super foods.
At the present; here on this website, in most hotels on the breakfast menu, restaurants and cafes and at some specialist health food stores like Kwenukampala and Health U Stores.
Our package quantities compare with average quantities on the market for this product. In some instance they are larger than what is available in the market.
Unlike other cereals or food products similar to ours that you may have come across; AHM goes to great length to source its ingredients from reputable suppliers who care about the environment and therefore take responsibility in ensuring that the food they produce provides (i) good nutrition (ii) is organic and (ii) is produced sustainably. This usually means using expensive ingredients which adds to cost of products. However, we continue to search for cheaper suppliers that can deliver the quality ingredients.
Benefits include; being ready to eat no need for further cooking, slow release of energy throughout the day, which means you can stay concentrated for longer periods without feeling fatigued. We invite you to look at our nutrition and health page for more details.
Our products are all handmade to the highest hygiene standards, to ensure that when they get you, they are fresh and in the best possible state.
We are located in Mukono district, but also operate in Kampala all in Uganda.
Yes! Cereals, Marmalade and chilli are ready to eat by the time you purchase them. See products page for user directions.
We use healthier ingredients than our competitors. We still hand make all our products from our factory, under strict supervision to ensure high standards of hygiene.
We established our business in 2015.
Please see expiration date on the package.

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